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Our starting point

Our starting point At BYNIUMAAL we aim for a long lifespan for every piece we create, which is why we are inspired by timeless style with careful design made in Sastewsle Our core mission is to develop ethical and sustainable fashion. Transparency and traceability is a priority in all our processes in order to drive together a positive change in the fashion industry.


From the atelier in Madrid we create from start to finish the final garment that we send to our workshops, from where we can follow every step of the production. This allows us to combine in the same space the creative direction, design, pattern making, modelling, sewing and all the necessary steps to ensure that the garments are in perfect condition for production, as well as the marketing and subsequent communication, giving us the luxury of bringing together all the main functions in our atelier.


When planning the collection, we decided to unify the qualities of the fabrics to avoid waste and reduce the environmental impact, thus grouping the raw materials of the garments in a single transport. We opted for natural fibres of organic vegetable origin and recycled materials, which allows us to continue to prioritise the feel of the fabrics, seeking softness, subtlety and purity in each garment.


Nowadays it is extremely difficult to work with sustainable fabrics, as they are usually fabrics that are manufactured exclusively for each brand, but we are happy to be able to ensure that the fabrics we use are special and one hundred percent BYNIUMAAL: Quality and softness without sacrificing sustainability.


The production of our woven garments has been another big handicap when developing the brand, but it was clear to us that we had to change the current trend in the sector and make the effort to invest in centralisation, avoiding subcontracting as much as possible and leaving any decision in third parties' hands. With this we ensure perfect control in the production chains, which allows us to offer the quality we guarantee in the finishing of the garments and to guarantee the working conditions of those behind the production. We have daily contact with our workshops and they have been involved in this project from start to finish. Two years ago, the whole team achieved certification (RECYCLED CLAIM STANDARD 2.0 (RCS 2.0) Intertek), making our workshops suitable for sustainable production.


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and harmful to the planet, and being one hundred percent sustainable is a utopia. But that is why it is so important that we gradually change our consumption patterns, buying less and better. We are aware that fashion is about trends, but to what extent is it worth buying a lot of clothes in different prints or colours that you will never want to wear again after a month? We personally decided a few years ago to break with this habit, and over the years we have been creating a capsule wardrobe that identifies us, makes us feel confident, beautiful, elegant and sexy.


Let's break together the stereotype that sustainable fashion is boring and unfeminine.


Join the change and jointhecircle


ORGANIC COTTON Grown from organic, non-genetically modified seeds. No chemicals or fertilisers are required to obtain it.

LINEN Linen is a sustainable natural textile fibre that comes from organic farming and therefore does not require artificial products for its production. It is a very resistant, biodegradable and recyclable fabric.

TENCEL Soft and silky fabric made from natural beech wood obtained through a process that respects the planet.

RECYCLED POLYESTER All the polyester used in BYNIUMAAL is made from pre- and post-consumer waste, reducing the manufacture of polyester derived from petroleum to a minimum.

CUPRO A material formed by soft fibres from the cotton plant that is hardly used in the industry, which generates a lot of waste. That is why at BYNIUMAAL we use it in our garments because it is soft, silky and breathable.

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