I became curious about fashion in my last year of secondary school when I started to watch the Fashion Week shows on Youtube and collected Vogue magazines.


When asked at school what our parents did for a living, I always wanted to be the last to answer. While my classmates said professions that we all knew, I had to say: "my father makes uniforms".


When I was 10 years old, I remember going to the factory with my father at the weekend when nobody was there and having a hot chocolate in the old coffee machine in the office.

When we arrived, the warehouse was dark and when we turned on the lights I was never ceased to be overwhelmed by how huge it was, the amount of garments hanging there and the rolls of fabrics piled up in a mountain



It was always my passion but I never thought of it as a career until I was in my second year of my degree. I was studying law and felt I needed to be close to the fashion world in some way so I convinced my parents to let me spend the summer in London and study Fashion Business at the Marangoni Institute. My months there allowed me to get a more business and economic view of the industry.

While I was finishing my law degree and working part-time as a shop assistant in fashion shops, I decided that when I finished I would do a master's degree in Fashion Marketing where I met Laura, my partner in the adventure that is now Byniumaal.

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